Bowling a


MIDGET BOWLING, featuring Bad Boy Brian ~ hurl a midget down a slicked up bowling lane into giant pins.

Bad Boy Brian, one of the top midget entertainers in the country - Had recently been featured in the blockbuster hit Mall Cop Blart 2, and has made multiple national TV appearances on Full Throttle Saloon, Lip Sync Battle, Springer, WWE, TNA, Wacked Out Sports, the movie Zombies, and more.

He is constantly being flown across the country performing with the internationally famous act: Mini KISS.

He also used to tour as one of the top midget wrestlers in the country and still does the occasional entertaining grappling performance.

But now, you can get up close and personal with MIDGET BOWLING!


Yes, grab Bad Boy Brian and hurl him down into the big plastic bowling pins to win a prize!


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